Conclusion: MS Cluster Faroe Islands Mystery

It was gas that was introduced to the Faroe Islands. Gas is a nerve agent, designed as a deterrent during the great wars. It killed in a horrific manner by attacking the central nervous system of front line soldiers.

The key element in nerve gas is organophosphate. It was a building block for pesticides sprayed on our lawns, golf courses, and crops over the last 70 years.

Pesticides are nothing more than diluted nerve agent. They do exactly to insects as gas would do to humans, choke them to death.

Pesticides are pervasive, cumulative, and fat soluble. Once exposed, these contaminants will accumulate in your body, attack the central nervous system, and burn the fat off your brain. It is a process known as demyelination, similar to pouring salt on ice.

Pesticides also restrict blood flow from the brain. This happens because the veins in the neck narrow and reduce cognitive ability. This process was discovered by Dr Paolo Zamboni, and is known as (CCSVI) Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency. What Dr. Zamboni also discovered, is that a simple angioplasty will open the veins, increase blood flow, and liberate victims from many symptoms of this condition.

If you are aware of the cancer causing estrogen mimics in PCB’s, then you know you can’t just wash fat soluble contaminants away. Over time, pesticide exposure is like the death of a thousand cuts. Epidemiology proves multiple sclerosis is most prevalent in agriculturally rich areas such as, America’s Midwest, the Canadian Prairies, and New Zealand. Lest we forget, the well kept golf courses of the Scottish Highlands.

If you are someone who has suffered the bitterness of neurological disease, pointing the finger at chemical manufacturers, doctors, and politicians is frivolous. Those responsible for millions of lives destroyed are aware. As are those who have posted over 19,000,000 results, in the study of cause and effect.

The table below may be of no significance to individuals who have not suffered from a neurological disease. However, if you are someone who is searching for answers, you will find them in the links below.

Pesticides + Parkinson’s Organophosphates + Parkinson’s
Pesticides + Alzheimer’s Organophosphates + Alzheimer’s
Pesticides + Multiple Sclerosis Organophosphates + Multiple Sclerosis

Ovis Arie

MS Ground Zero:  1   2   3   4   5

2 responses to “Conclusion: MS Cluster Faroe Islands Mystery

  1. The road we are on is a DEAD END!!!!!!! 88,000 chemicals in use and barley tested. And when the tests don’t come out to the corps advantage the results are changed! One example is aspertine, FDA didn’t want to give it approval. So good old don rumsfield, [ We don’t know what we don’t know…] was the guy who pushed it thru and made big big money and a shit load of slime friends.
    Personally I think the tipping point has already been tipped . Greed and power won. Yeah let’s defund the EPA.

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