MS Ground Zero

The cause for multiple sclerosis, and other forms of neurological disorder, is well known within the scientific community. MS Ground Zero, was created for those who suffer from multiple sclerosis and have been searching for answers other than the general consensus. The general consensus being that an unknown agent, triggers an autoimmune response, which mistakenly attacks the central nervous system causing demyelination.

Pesticides cause multiple sclerosis, along with many other central nervous system conditions. Makes sense when you think about it. Pesticides are nothing more than diluted nerve agent. Sadly, a definitive statement has yet to be issued by doctors, lawyers, scientists, and politicians. The mainstream media has also done an extremely poor job shedding light on the issue.

The rest of the pages under this section are to show the thought process regarding the Faroe Island mystery. A mystery which left 16 individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, after military troops who were stationed there left the island. That is not an anomaly. That is ground zero, for multiple sclerosis.

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One response to “MS Ground Zero

  1. So you’ve basically concluded by yourself that the cause of MS are pesticides? What are your sources on this?

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