Breaking Code, Pesticide Ban

Deplorable illustrations of good men can be drawn when forces behind decision are without acknowledgment. Anytime you see a politician use their finger rather than their thumb to articulate an issue, you know it is something serious. The Premier can’t say what the health concerns are. The lawn care industry would shout “fear monger” and the image of chemical manufacturers would be compromised. As with any issue identified, alternatives should be offered. Vinegar will kill a dandelion in less than 24 hours, which is much safer for children than the commercial alternative, Sarritor. A concoction created out of McGill University, which issued the shocking claim that it will eat weeds, and then disappear into thin air.

The Premier of Ontario assured the public that funding a new drug, technology, or therapy, must be backed by science. Indeed, words of logic and critical thought. Science will always draw conclusion to a single point. One cannot imagine what would possess a man to ban toxic chemicals, thus removing children from harm’s way, only to then deny the ill CCSVI while facilitating the makers of OxyContin.

As always, when observing the political arena through the eyes of the media, things may not be as they appear. Here we have a man who attempted to digitize health records, remove gas plants from highly populated areas, and relocate air ambulance to more strategic locations. Sadly, every effort made had been wrapped in scandal. Perhaps one day, history will show the good Premier in a different light.

“It is the right of kids to play in the grass without compromising their health.” ~Dalton McGuinty

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